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Our History

The Crown Royal’s Motorcycle Club was founded in 1975 in Kirkwood, Missouri by Lloyd “June Bugg” Burgett, Kenny Evans and Clifford Hawkins.  

They invited others to join and when they came together for the first meeting the Crown Royal's Motorcycle Club began with 22 members.  Our first slate of Officers included John Ewing as President, Gus Parker as Vice President, Adam Stanford as Secretary and June Burgett as Treasurer.

Copy of actual card from 1975

The Crown Royal’s Motorcycle Club was founded in Kirkwood, Missouri by three friends, Lloyd “June Bugg” Burgett, Kenny Evans and Clifford Hawkins.  The first meeting was held at the home of John Ewing on August 30, 1975 and we began with 22 original members.  Our first slate of Officers were John Ewing as President, Arvel “Gus” Parker as Vice President, Adam Stanford as Secretary, June Burgett as Treasurer, Elmer “O-nine” Bibbs as Road Captain, William Inge as Assistant Road Captain, Gene Pelloquin as Sergeant of Arms, Willie Smith as Business Manager, Wesley Whiteside as Assistant Business Manager, Kenny Evans and Clifford Hawkins as the Sick Committee, Wendy Bibbs as Artist and members  Emanuel Belland, Lee Fortune, Robert Hanley, Ronnie James, Robert Johnson, Richard Lightfoot, Earl Minor, Wilbert Patterson, Johnnie Ray, and Cleveland Ward.   


Over the years, we have had hundreds of members.  Many have come and gone since we began.  We hold a special place in our hearts for those original members who were still a part of us when they passed on – R.I.P. Arvel Parker, Lloyd Burgett, Kenny Evans, Clifford Hawkins, John Ewing, and Wendy Bibbs.  We also pay homage to our other members who have gone on – Paris Brown, Percy Burney, Danny Harris, Jack Jennings, Frank Langston, James Lemmie, Charles Nolan, Tom Reese, Frank Reid, Rick Stevenson, and Bob Tucker.


The following men have had the privilege to serve as President of the Crown Royal’s Motorcycle Club – John Ewing, Frank Reed, Vernon Harlan, William Smith, Charles McCrary and Bruce Burgett, Jr.    


We’ve always been a part of the Meacham Park Community of the City of Kirkwood in St. Louis County, Missouri.  In the beginning, we rented a small house at 307 Meacham Street for our clubhouse. In 1982, we moved our clubhouse to 215 Alsobrook Street.  In 1988, we purchased and began renovating the property at 324 Memphis Street.  Upon completion in 1989, we moved in and remain in this location still today.  This location not only serves as our meeting space, but is used for family events and members of the community.


Our love for the community and children has always been a part of who we are.  The Clubhouse has always been one of the neighborhood’s best places to Trick or Treat for Halloween.  We also host Easter Egg hunts in Meacham Park and Pagedale and each year bless needy members of the community with baskets of food at Thanksgiving or Christmas.    In 2017, we assisted the Demetrius Johnson Charitable Foundation with a Donational Drive for those effected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, we partnered with the Meacham Park Neighborhood Association to provide weekly food giveaways, COVID testing, and a children's book giveaway.

Over the years, the club has been supportive of other clubs in St. Louis and across the country and have a special relationship with the Zodiacs of Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ve been a part of the National Biker’s Round Up since its inception in the late 1970’s.    


For many years in the 1970’s and 1980’s, we wore our colors proudly and showed off our bikes as we led the Meacham Park Homecoming Parade and participated in the Fenton Festival and Kirkwood’s Green Tree Parade.  In 1976, our parade participation was enhanced with the debut of The Crown Royal’s Marching Queens wearing their black and gold and dynamic routines.  In November 1989, we made a historic ride making a roaring entry into the gymnasium at Kirkwood High School for the Pep Rally riding in with the Pom Pom Squad with us on our motorcycles. We have always been great at having fun and throwing a party.  From 1978 to 1980, we hosted an annual field meet at Finney’s Country Club in Robertsville, Missouri.  We then began hosting annual motorcycle races on 1/8th mile track at what is now Gateway Motor Sports Park in Madison, Illinois.  After many years, we continue the tradition of holding a Friday night block party at our clubhouse, Saturday cook out and dance on Saturday night. We have also added a Sunday Funday to our Annual Weekend activities. In 2021, we tried something new for our Annual with hosting all of the weekend's events at home on Memphis Street. 


In 2020, we celebrated 45 years as a club and plan to continue to be around for generations to come. If you want to get to know us or know more about us, just come to Kirkwood and check us out. 

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